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beautiful stranger.
keep it open, so that we can talk a little more.
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13.11.09 - [sticky post] (no subject)
my fics are not member-locked. they are set to maintainer mode, which means only i can see them. i've made the decision to completely hide my old works. i will not be unlocking anything for the public to see, and if you see any of them on any other site, they are plagiarized. some select fics that i really consider as my personal favorites will be reposted on my dreamwidth. if you see them on any other site than that dreamwidth journal, those are the plagiarized ones.

i have left the b.a.p, cnblue, big bang and snsd fandom.

i am falling out of the kpop fandom.

but for some reason, i'm enjoying the exo fandom.

this is kind of weird to say, but i've thought about it for a really long time already and i've reached the conclusion that everything i had for b.a.p, cnblue, big bang and snsd is now gone.

now everything i used to feel for those groups is in exo.

so i'm going to that fandom, and i'm hoping that all of this will burn out and i'll just leave the kpop fandom for good.

but i'm not ready yet, and this group seems to be the only reason why i still can't let all of this go.

i've started a new journal solely for my exo works.

i can't look at what i used to write here.

i am proud of some of them, i still feel everything i went through while writing it, but i just can't post publicly and do what i do while knowing that others can see what i used to be.

i'm not ashamed of my past, just a little bitter and desperate to let go.
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